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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 6PM  CBS  March 8, 2011 6:00pm-7:00pm PST

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cbs5 exclusive. don? >> reporter: in san francisco where cars are stolen every day there has to be an easier way than going off a roof and sliding down a rope but as it turns out, sliding down the rope wasn't the riskiest part. sometime between midnight and 7:00 a.m. today someone dropped into this san francisco dealership literally and drove off in a $200,000 lamborghini like this. it wasn't your ordinary car theft, it was more like a car heist the thief leaving behind his mountaineering gear. he or she made his way over the rooftop, secured a climbing rope and repelled to a window, broke it and entered the building. inside the dealership the thief settled on a yellow and black lamborghini which just happens to be owned by celebrity sell a celebrity chef. a publicist for the chef
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confirmed yes indeed the lamborghini belonged to him. he drove the car through the garage door, cut the lock and disappeared into the night. bringing to mind an action film like the one with nicolas cage. this man sells racing cars and says it won't be easy getting away with a lamborghini with a bumble bee paints job. >> there are a lot of forums where people love to comment on this kind of thing and love to feel like they are involved. if they if they were to catch somebody. the news will be out. it will be popular information. people will have their eye out for it. >> reporter: doubting anyone will want to chop up the car, suggesting they will try to get it out of the country. >> there is very few motors and transmissions and body parts running around. to market those parts unless
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they have somebody that is already ready to receive them and they worked out a deal is probably the riskiest part of the whole transaction for the thief. >> reporter: so the toughest part of the job lies ahead getting rid of the car making some money and not going to jail. >> someone is going to talk. al and i were talking it is a recipe for disaster. someone will talk. don knapp in san francisco. don't you think, don? >> reporter: yes, i certainly do think so someone will talk if they see the car but as we have been told they may have already sold that car somewhere overseas. >> don knapp, thank you. a potentially deadly danger propertying one city to send an owner to pet owners tonight. bait boxes containing rat poison have been discovered at a dog park. len ramirez has the details. >> reporter: allen, dog owners here are very upset about this because as you mentioned this happened not once but on two separate occasions that rat poison was spread out on the
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dog park in sunnyvnyvale. the first on february 15 and then a second incident on february 26. in both cases rat poison was used and whoever left it behind here wrote a message on the rat poison box that said "all dogs must die." >> just commercial off the shelf rat poison like you would find at a hardware store. one box was left here within the park area itself. the other box was left in the entryway where there are two gates and all people and dogs have to go through to get into the park and in both cases some of the rat poison had been distributed oned ground. >> i obviously don't like it because i have two dogs of my own and children at the park running around and think it is horrible that someone that does not like dogs would do such a horrible thing. >> reporter: this is obviously a potentially fatal situation for dogs especially small dogs. i talked to the owner of a very large newfoundland who was one
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of the first people to report this incident, allen, and he said his dog did get sick and was throwing up on a couple of occasions, had to take it to the vet and get him checked out. he doesn't know for sure if the dog was one of the dogs that got rat poison into his system or not but said it is very suspicious. anyone with information asked to call the sunnyvale department of animal safety or and safety. >> thank you, len. tonight we are getting a look at a deadly knight at a san jose bar and three people died in what investigators believe was a failed kidnapping attempt in january. kiet do on why police are releasing the footage now. >> reporter: it is fairly unusual for the san jose police department to release such graphic footage but they say the man in the video is dangerous and they have to do everything they can to find him. that includes asking the public for help. the footage begins with a gunman chasing the owner of the
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mexicala club on january 8th in an attempted kidnapping. the owner stumbled and falls over tables and gunman walks him out and puts the owner in a headlock. they struggle past the performance stage and continue towards the back door and once outside the owner breaks free and tries to make a run for it but the gunman chases him down around the corner and opens fire. here is a closeup view. shooting. the owner actually survived by the gunman and get away driver are still on the run. >> he will hurt somebody else sometime in the future. >> obviously this person has already demonstrated his propensity for violence on the tape and this is the kind of person we don't want on the streets. >> reporter: here is one more look at the gunman. that is him on the right wearing a grey bullet proof vest and might be fleeing to southern california or mexico. now, the get away driver is hector mia perez santana.
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if you have any information san jose police want you to give them a call. so before all of this hatched on the vip there videotape there was a hail of gunfire where three people died. two were the attacker. one was some kind of body guard that was a friends of the friend of the owner of the club. >> kiet do in san jose. thank you. two oakland police officers who sat and killed a barber shop ownler not be charged. the officers were flagged down by a woman who said derek jones had tried to strangle her. the officers said that jones ignored repeated demands that he surrender and they shot him because he appeared to be reaching into his waist band for a weapon. no weapon was found and an investigation found that witnesses confirm the officer's account of the incidents. the man accused in a mall fire that caused more than $50 million in damage in roseville pleaded guilty today. he faced two federal counts of
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arson. ano one was hurt. in exchange for the guilty plea he will receive a 10-year sentence. governor brown self-imposed budget deadlines two days away. still no budget deal. republicans are holding firm to their demand for reforms and no tax extensions. five senate republicans wrote to the governor saying they were at an impasse because governor brown refused to budget on reforms. one of the five, a senator, dodged questions and the governor didn't say much either. >> when is a time we can talk? >> later on this arf afternoon call my office. >> did you read the letters yesterday? >> i say we should let the people vote. that's democracy. >> the sticking point seems to be that the republicans do want reforms but no tax extensions and the governor wants a ballot measure with tax extensions. how do voteers feel about it?
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voters feel about it. 47% responding say yes, let the voters decide on tax extensions. 35% said no. 18% are not sure. and, of course, there are many groups watching closely to see what kinds of cuts there will be. along those watching most closely, parents who worry what the budgets will mean to school budgets already cut to the bone. mark sayre in san jose with what schools can expect from this new budget. mark? >> reporter: allen, all parents can really do at this point is wait and watch and see what happens in sacramento but one thing is for sure they are uniformally concerned about any more cuts to registration. >> 30 kids in your class. is that a lot of kids? >> yes. >> reporter: this 7-year-old girl may have a big first grade class but she loves school. >> the most i like about my school, my teacher is really you a system. >> reporter: she awesome. >> reporter: part of the san jose unified school district. >> yes, i do i think voteers should have the chance to vote on if. >> reporter: her mom says while
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she personally has reservations she stays voteers should be able to weigh in to prevent more cuts to education. >> i think even folks without school age children could see the immense benefits of public education by extending those taxes. >> reporter: school districts across california are preparing multiple budget scenarios in case the tax extensions are not put on the ballot or are voted down. the california extension of school officials says the best case scenario is a cut of $19 per student. without a tax extension and the ledge could push the cuts up to $1000 per student. >> well, it is already meant increased class sizes. >> reporter: this parent says the education system simply cannot take another round of steep budget cuts. >> it will mean more pressure on the teachers to do more with
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less and i just can't see anything good coming out of it. we have already cut, cut, cut. there is nothing left. >> reporter: and this grand parent grandparent wants a chance to weigh in on the future of education. >> whatever it takes for education they should do it and give us a chance to make the decision not them. >> you think voters should be able to vote on it. >> definitely. >> reporter: as for governor brown he set a deadline of march 10, just two days from now to get an answer from the legislature on whether the special election will be held come june. he needs a two thirds vote to put that on the ballot for special election. with that hold up he is experiencing with some republicans don't know if he will make the deadline but parents are watching it very closely and he is very concerned about what it means. >> thank you, mark. contra costa is gross is growing faster than any county. the county is now home to more
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than 1 million residents. contra costa leaders say based on the data they now plan to draw new boundaries for its five districts. one of the bay area's hottest neighborhoods will only get hotter. i'm mike mike sugerman skwhrao what may have produced an entire harbor of dead what -- what can help save a life. ,, you want to get a great looking lawn like this, but trying to grow grass from seed in tough areas like deep shade, along the driveway, and where the kids play can be a little intimidating... until now. with scotts ez seed. it's scotts best grass seed, starter fertilizer
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and a growing material that absorbs water and expands to surround and protect the seeds, you'll get a thick, green scotts lawn even if you've never been successful with other seed before. the revolutionary scotts ez seed. grow grass anywhere.
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tickets for the world champion san francisco giants have already sold about 2.5 million tickets for the 2011 season. the team's success at at&t park certainly a home run for the
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businesses nearby. mikemike sugerman is joining us to show us exactly what we mean. >> reporter: well, in mission bay and south beach and china basin they were among the weupers winners when the giants took the world series and at the moment they have got to flip down their shades their future is so bright. if you weren't here it would be almost impossible to imagine. china basin last century before 2000 was a place you wouldn't go unless you absolutely had to. >> when we started to build the ballpark, you know, those condo complexes, one was an rv park, other dill warehouses. none of the mission bay buildings were built out. >> reporter: the vice president helped sheppard the building of the ballpark and has seen the changes to the neighborhood as much as anyone before and after and more could be coming. >> i just happened to drive up the 3rd street corridor this morning on the way to work and there isn't a week that i don't see something different on that corner. >> reporter: he owns a restaurant built two years
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before the ballpark and has hit on a gold mine. it may only get better. giants season ticket sales are up 10,000 from last year. already without a game played giants attendance will show a season total of 2.5 million. by season's end this will likely be the most crowded ever in the ballpark and in the neighborhood. >> ballpark crowds tend to go to the bar first then go to eat. >> reporter: trend restaurants served ballpark crowds over the off season. the general manager says at his place it was pretty much for one reason. >> it is mostly drinking. >> reporter: no matter what they do here, people are flocking to china basin and mission bay. a new high end bowling alley lucky strikes is set to go where borders left last year. the new campus is still being built and rumblings of a new sports you a reason arena behind the ballpark.
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>> over the next two years it will be twice as much relative to the critical mass that comes for more commercial, more residential, more retail, more entertainment. >> reporter: you know, economics or economists i should say all tell you that it is not smart to invest in a stadium. at least public money because it just doesn't make the money back. well, this stadium was privately funded and i can tell you around this neighborhood they are seeing every dollar and more that was put into it. allen? >> yes, it is the location, location, location, thing, huh, mike? >> reporter: yes. you could buy real estate here and you would do well. >> if i had a few years ago, right. mikemike sugerman, thank you. let's check in with roberta for the latest forecast. stadium row. it was beautiful the day we went. >> we went a couple times. we had a good time. could you imagine bowling? wouldn't that be fun? i'm into it just for the shoes.
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all right. how about some outdoor activities. let's head outdoor our weather camera looking out where today's high was 62. we still have some clouds streaming overhead. highs banked from 59 today in san rafael to 68 degrees in santa cruz. if you are out and about this evening the numbers are falling off very rapidly now down to the low 50s at the immediate sea shore with patchy fog developing as well, mostly cloudy conditions. tonight, with that blanket of clouds, numbers pretty much in the 40s from santa rosa all the way into san jose, sunnyvale. the winds will be slight. we will see some patchy fog developing in the overnight hours. this area of low pressure really took a hard turn to the north. banking up against the pacific northwest. leaving us with the southern fringe of this system and that's how we had that veil of clouds overhead today. now tonight those clouds are pretty much going to linger around the vicinity. we will wake up to some clouds
6:18 pm
and then some partial clearing. so we will call it partly cloudy with this ridge of high pressure alone. a few of those clouds streaming overhead. meanwhile this area of low pressure on deck will provide us with some rain showers on thursday. but one day at a time. tomorrow is going to pan out to be the warmest day of the workweek. low 1r0á6 at 60s at the satisfy shore. piedmont and -- at the sea shore. low 70s in throughout the try valley and eastern tri-valley. 79 degrees that's right in santa cruz. rain rufrpbg to the bay returning to the bay area on thursday. clouding back up again on saturday. that will leave the potential of rain showers on sunday all the way through tuesday. oh, by the way, if you're sneezing and wheezing a little bit don't blame it on this guy right here. these are cherry blossoms in full bloom in walnut creek. ada, thank you so much.
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keep the photos coming. >> thank you, roberta. tonight marine biologists are trying to figure out what killed millions of fish in southern california. they were floating in a beach marina. boaters woke up this morning to find the silvery fish surrounding their vessels. >> the boaters that live in this area were awakened by they said it sounded like hail to them and then they looked outside and they saw all these fish kind of gas. ing for gasping for air. >> boats couldn't even move. this is the third massive fish kill seen in this harbor in the last decade. hundreds of volunteers are taking the tons of dead fish to recycling plants so they can be used for fertilizer. clearing your nose of germs and just what makes us get sea sick. that's in 2 minutes. that claims to be a
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germ buster. but can it protect you an y from a new over the counter product that claims to be a germ buster but it can protect you and your family from getting sick. dr. kim mulvihill joins us with the latest on this one. hi, kim. >> everybody likes that idea. this one is called the germ bullet. the idea, simply inhale it before, during or after exposure to crowded germ-filled environments and cut the number of bugs that make it into your nose that might make you sick. they are everywhere. microscopic germs that can cause big misery. the newest weapon to fight cold ands and flus is the germ bullet. >> three times under each nostril. >> reporter: tom ir irvin is a makeup artist. >> you're getting close to their eyes and touching their
6:23 pm
mouth and really all over their face. you are coming into contact with a lot of stuff out there. >> reporter: make sure to frequently use hand sanitizer but what about the germs in the air, the kind that cause respirtory illnesses. >> this time of year in particular in previous seasons i find myself getting sick a little bit and i wanted to find new ways to prevent that. >> i think it is quite helpful. >> reporter: dr. syme simon murphy recommends it to people that get sick. >> a group a essential oils that of essential oils. >> lavender and pine. >> it is able to reduce the bacteria conextents contents of inhaled substances. >> reporter: it doesn't have to be approved by the fda and some doctors have their doubts. >> i would be skeptical. >> reporter: this doctor is an
6:24 pm
infecttious disease specialist. >> i think there is no way to predict exactly how much of each oil will be in the nose to block any virus or germs that might want to attach. >> reporter: but tom says it worked for him. >> i didn't get sick this year. i always get sick in january. it didn't happen this year. >> the makers of the germ bullet say the essential oils in their product have been shown to be effective against certain germs in a number of laboratory studies. so what does that mean for people? well, i could not find any well controlled clinical trials that compared germ bullet to a placebo so can't tell you. >> and you can't share your germ bullet. >> don't share your germ bullet. snoop a >> and don't use it more than five days in a row if you're in crowded germ infested places. if you have ever experienced it you know just how miserable it can make you feel but what is happening in
6:25 pm
our body when we get sea sick. ken bastida with tonight's good question. >> reporter: it turns out about 80% of us will experience motion sickness at some point in our lives. that nauseous feeling that can be uncomfortable to say the least. >> you've got the situation moving not moving, moving, not moving and your brain can't handle that. dizziness and nausea. >> a ear and nose specialist says it comes down to balance, eye sight and the fluid in your inner ear. >> your inner ear sense of motion, that has to be coordinated in your brain with what you see visually and then the third part of the system is your receptors on your skin and also in muscles that send information about where your body is. >> reporter: some people can get air sick up in an airplane. other people get sea sick riding on a boat. if any one of those three
6:26 pm
components, your balance, your eye sight or your inner ear goes haywire, you'll be barfing. motion sickness medications work to desensitize your inner ear. mariners focus their eye sight on the horizon and trick their brains. if you get car sick try moving up front. >> reading a book, not looking out the window, just getting thrown around in the back seat that's probably the worst thing that you can possibly do. >> reporter: go to click on connect and send me your good questions. we knew he fired 31 shots but tonight we know exactly how many times he missed leaving many to wonder how were there not even more fatalities in stuson. >> tucson. up next, another look at how this could save lives in the bay area. i'm simon perez live in
6:27 pm
antioch where proposed budget cuts are dividing city employees. ,,,,,,,, [ male announcer ] the network.
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yeah, i've already lost some weight. [ female announcer ] yoplait light -- over 30 delicious flavors at about 100 calories. babe, what are you doing?! ♪ [ female announcer ] the yoplait you love, now in a 4-pack. try it today. during the tucson shooting spree. the medical examiner's office has released autopsy reports for the six people
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killed in january during the tucson shooting spree. now, the real headline from those documents, every round said to have been fired hit someone. every single bullet hit somebody. he currently faces 49 federal charges and returns to court tomorrow. now, this is about $100 worth of first aid tools credited with saving lives during the shooting. most of these items come from the military's use in iraq and afghanistan. so we wanted to give this kit and the possibility of its use here in the bay area another look. 101 california. 14 people shot. eight killed. an earthquake. 63 people killed. almost 3800 injured. january shooting in tucson, arizona, six people died, 13 survived. deputies arrived 4 minutes before the first ambulance.
6:31 pm
those minutes along with the right equipment are credited with saving lives. just six months before the shooting every sheriff deputy was given the training and tools they call first five minutes. the idea of s.w.a.t. team medic motivated by trying to save officers' lives. >> ems, emergency medical services stand off and wait until the situation is safe for them to enter. >> all that time that officer is continuing to lose blood they are possiblely getting into shock. >> reporter: his custom kit contains about $100 worth of mostly military first aid gear. >> open up the velcro. slide the hand in here where we. >> reporter: we took it to a doctor. >> it secures in place. >> reporter: the combat application designed for quick one-handed use. in 10 seconds it is in place. the patient could be saved.
6:32 pm
>> reporter: because the goal is always first stop the bleeding. >> and apply pressure and apply the antico-agluttants. >> reporter: combined with a band-aid that contain. >> it stops the blood from clotting. >> city police, sheriff deputies should have these in their units for disposal? >> i think it is useful and because they are useful to use you can train anyone. a police officer, deputy as a professional and with adequate training we know that lay people who they are can do life saving things. >> think about it in an earthquake. dave in tucson says he has received calls from all over the country for the first 5 minutes, kit and training but no calls from california yet. if you have a story that you think deserves another look
6:33 pm
send an e-mail to another taking center stage at tonight's council meeting and why several unions say one of their counterparts is getting a sweetheart deal. simon perez reporting. >> reporter: many across the country and across california having a hard time balancing its budget so it does have a budget balancing plan but some people don't like it. in fact, these guys protesting tonight say it is just not fair. the 50 or is employees in the antioch public works department feel this. >> it is also a matter of fairness in that if you're going to ask people to make these sacrifices you need to ask everybody. >> reporter: they are drawing up protest signs because they say the city of antioch is trying to close a budget gap by picking on them and not the police department. >> having them pay only 3% for retirement for six months yet they are asking us to pay 3% now forever and to add 2% more
6:34 pm
next year and 2% the year after that. >> what's wrong with it? >> it goes against our sense of fairness. >> reporter: some taking a 10% pay cut. and some agreed to put off raises of 4.8% in 2009, 2.9% in 2010,.#% this, . 9% and will begin to pay 3% towards retirement saving antioch nearly a million dollars. in exchange the city agreed to not lay off any officers and agreed to bring back six officers who were laid off in december. all those police concessions are good only through next january when the current police contract is up. the concessions to public works employee union local 1 made are through 2013. >> the city has said to us and everybody else we need even more. we need to extend these concessions two more years and get even more from you. >> as of tonight if they are
6:35 pm
approved we will have agreements with six of the seven units for concessions. the only union we don't have agreement on is local 1. >> reporter: city manager adding. >> because everybody has different benefits and different compensation, everyone has a different schedule, there has to be some movement and flexibility but at the end the long-term and city is here in the long-term the goal is to have everything look pretty close to being even. >> reporter: so all these guys here in advance of that antioch city council meeting is supposed to start at 7:00 p.m. and there is supposed to be a decision tonight on who gets cut and who doesn't. >> all right, simon perez. simon, thank you. it is hardly just another vote. for people living in bell, california, it is a chance to take back their city. but not without some more drama. the death that has cast a shadow over the city's election. as we move into the heart of tax season the taxable income many californians may overlook this year and how you can file your state return for free. >> now you tell me. i'm dennis o'donnell.
6:36 pm
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that all changed today though, for the city whose name has become synonymous with corrupt politics. dave lopez voter turnout in bell used to be 10%. that all changed today. dave lopez reports voters packed the polls to choose a new city council. >> reporter: more many bell residents nothing today was going to keep them from casting their votes in this special election. >> it is my civic duty to do it. >> reporter: that's what esther told me as well as the 101-year- old maneuvered to the polling place to cast her ballot. >> i don't like to answer questions like that. i have my own opinions but i'm here to do my duty. >> reporter: so were a whole lot of other bell residents.
6:39 pm
granted it took a swift kick in the stomach to get their attention much the salaries of the council members. but here they were actually standing in line so they could vote. >> have you ever had to wait in line to vote before in bell? >> wait in line? no. >> no. >> reporter: by early afternoon with hours still remaining before the polls closed more people had voted, well over 1600, than in the last municipal election in march of 2009 when only 1500 voted in that election, 900 by absentee ballots. >> had you voted in bell before? >> this is the first time. i lived here for eight years. >> didn't vote before? >> never. >> reporter: she wasn't alone. in the change of the charter in bell, an election that paveed wait for the corruption scandal. out of 10,000 eligible voters less than 300 actually voted and of that number more than 200 were absentee ballots. >> did you learn a lesson?
6:40 pm
>> oh, yes. definitely. yes. you have to be involved. >> reporter: four of the five current city council members are facing recall and they also face trial for political corruption charges. lorenzo valez, the only member not under indictment faces reelection and there are five. >> so you woke up? >> yes. >> do you believe the whole town broke up? >> woke up? >> yes. a botched repair job before the deadly san bruno explosion. 40 miles from san bruno pressure rising on all the lines less than an hour before september's explosion. that's according to new documents in the national transportation safety board. pg&e said the pipeline pressure never went over the maximum safe operating level. the ntsb is still trying to pinpoint exactly what set off the explosion. there is a new move in the
6:41 pm
south bay to limit the number of pot clubs and then legalize the ones that remain. there are more than 100 pot clubs in san jose. some blame them for a recent rise in crime. the city council proposes capping the number of medical marijuana dispensaries to 10 or fewer and it would basically force the rest of the pot clubs out of town. >> the reason why so many cities and counties are struggling with the problem of how to regulate marijuana dispensaries because the federal government has to step up. we have chaos here. >> a committee will hear it tomorrow and if it passes the committee it will go to the full city council later this month for a vote. whether you are preparing for prom season or tax season this time of year can certainly be a pricey one. >> reporter: we begin with tax season which is adding insult to injury for many who didn't
6:42 pm
realize forgiven debt is taxable income. for instance, if you owe 400 grand on a house and the bank sells it for 300 you have to pay taxes on the $100,000 difference. this applies to mortgages, equity lines and even credit card settlements unless it was the result of bankruptcy. there is hope, however, thanks to a piece of 2007 legislation. if the forgiven debt was your primary residents you can file a special irs form that qualifies you for an exclusion but that legislation expires next year. so if you're at risk for foreclosure or need debt forgiveness now you'll want to make sure it is finalized before the end of next year. and if you're looking to save a little money on efiling those taxes, nancy from palo alto suggested we pass along this consumer tip. many don't realize until it is too late that most free tax prep software actually charges you if you want to file a state return in addition to the federal. but if you go directly to the
6:43 pm
state franchise tax board's reb website you can file for free. nancy said it is easy and she got her money in about a week. along with tax season comes prom season. once again this year the princess project is giving away free prom dresses and accessories. here is video from last year's event since 2002 the organization says they have given out over 15,000 dresses and hope to style another 4000 girls this year. if you're interested head to 901 market street this saturday and sunday from 8:00 a.m. to 5 p.m. they do suggest taking b.a.r.t. if you have a consumer story idea we would love to hear it. connect with us at it looks like at this particular time our skies are filled with partly to mostly cloudy conditions. the best bet for seeing tonight's flyover of the space shuttle. those details as eyewitness news continues. ,,,,,,
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world's fittest man" has died. steve sokol--seen here in 1999, when he set a jumping jacks record when his a bay area fitness guru known as the fittest man has died. he was killed when his car hit
6:47 pm
a power pole in south san jose. he was a sickly child who exercised to overcome his weakness. he got his nickname when he broke world fitness records becoming an accomplished tri- athlete, cyclist. he was only 54 years old. >> wow. we spring forward sunday which means we might get -- we are going to get some rain. remember this philosophy yesterday? >> my philosophy. we spring forward so we get one extra hour of sunlight but won't get that one extra hour of sunlight because it will be cloudy with the threat of rain so you might get one extra hour of rain. >> i will ask you that one again. >> try to live in this head 24/7. not a go ahead thing. good thing. people all want to talk about the flyover of the space shuttle. right now let's head on outside for our live cbs5 weather camera. today in san francisco, we only
6:48 pm
climbed up to 59. average high is 62 degrees. so slightly below normal. we do have a deck of clouds out there and that's not so good for that viewing, is it? mostly cloudy skies and some areas of fog along the immediate sea shore as well. looks like tomorrow morning we will wake up with the fog and overnight lows in the 40s across the bord. 45 in vallejo to 46 degrees in san jose. so we do have this air of low pressure well to the north of the bay area. the southern fringe just banked up against the north western quadrant of the state. some of these clouds lingered into our area banking off the dirty rink of high pressure. now, out here is this area of low pressure that promises to bring us at least a good shot of rain showers on thursday. in between then we will see partial clearing of the skies for your kansas city and warmer -- we will see partial clearing of the skies for your
6:49 pm
forecast and warmer. you may see a few breaks but get on out. look straight up. and see if you can see the passage of these two phenomenal space stations here. okay, 71 degrees in santa rosa tomorrow. 67 in mil valley. mill valley. east bay numbers topping off. 72 degrees in pleasanton. the winds will be breezy late day out of the northwest 10 to 20 miles per hour. otherwise 60s at the sea shore to low 70s around the peninsula. 70 in san jose and we are talking 74 in morgan hill. and in gilroy. 75 for the outside number. that will be in santa cruz. we do have that shot of rain showers on thursday. partial clearing of the skies on friday. we cloud back up again on saturday. that will lead to the potential of more rain showers here locally on sunday. monday. and on tuesday. and when there is rain, we have
6:50 pm
flowers blossoming. cherry blossoms. ada barnes thank you from walnut creek. that is beautiful. do you suffer from allergies? it is not from these guys. they are doing all right. you may find yourself sneezing and wheezing a little bit more because we have medium to high side in the counts. i am sure you've seen a cross shot but this is from a third grader. you'll have to see it to believe it. ,, [ wheezing breaths ] [ woman ] the first time i smoked, i was 13. i was in a hurry to grow up and wanted to look cool. big tobacco knew it, and they preyed on me. i'm here to tell you that big tobacco hasn't changed.
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season..a 1-4 record with two games to go...alas..there is hope. they took the floor ainst baron davis not what the warriors had in mind for their most important road season. a 1-4 record with two games to go. there is hope. baron davis. the 12-50 cleveland cavaliers. baron always likes playing against his former team scoring 19 tonight. backing down ellis. monta ellis leads golden state. he hits all five of his three- point shots in the period. six total in the game. later ellis with the steal coast-to-coast scoring 17 of his 24 points in the third and
6:54 pm
the warriors have beaten the cleveland cavaliers. 95-85. boy, they better. as warriors appeared to have another season without the playoffs there will still be post season basketball in the bay area. kim coyle has more on the return of the aba. >> reporter: finally making a move. and it is worth the wait. [ whistle ] >> traveling. >> no, one and a half tip. >> reporter: jackie moon's playing days may be over but the aba is alive and well. over 60 teams scattered across the country including seven here in northern california. >> when the fans come to the games they always come to the players afterwards and say that was a really exciting game. >> reporter: the east bay pit bulls giving their fans plenty of excitement in their inaugural season. the owner joined the aba with the goal of providing local basketball fans and specifically families an
6:55 pm
affordable alternative. >> right now an adult ticket is $10 and a child's ticket is $5. and so kids under 5 we let in for free. so literally you can get a slice of pizza for $2 and a soda. so it is a really, really affordable family entertainment package. >> the aba always knew how to put on a great show. >> reporter: the aba rivaled the nba in the 70s and even produced some of basketball's even biggest stars like dr. jay and the iceman. it returned into 2000 and former st. mary's guard connor is proud to carry on the tradition. >> every time i click on the website -- it is an honor. >> reporter: the pit bulls play at livermore's junior college and get paid game to game based on minutes played. >> i have a family. i have a wife daughter so travelling for me is kind of tough so this is a great
6:56 pm
situation for me. it makes me a greater basketball. when i come out i give it all i got because i'm away from my family and school so if i'm going to do something it better be worth my time. >> reporter: in livermore, kim coyle, cbs5 sports. >> they are hosting a playoff game tonight against the sf rumble. tickets still available. i love that. $10 for a ticket. $2 for pizza and soda. all right. we are less than 72 hours from the latest nfl deadline. the player's association and owners met for 9.5 hours. unfortunately smoke did not rise from the chimney of the federal mediation building. that mustache, this mustache can only belong to one man. three-time world champ throwing out the first pitch between the as and padres and andy laroche is making noise for the as. batting . 333. trevor cahill nearly got drilled by the broken bat
6:57 pm
through three shutout innings. 8.1 zero e.r.a. giants visiting the mariners in pioria. second start of the cactus season giving up a run and had five strikeouts. he is looking terrific. he completes the tag out on the steal attempt. giants fell 1-0 they are 9-4 this spring. third grader in portland down 2. holy trinity in red taking on st. matthews. are you kidding me? >> that is a heck of a shot. >> who was that? >> yes. >> only problem there is no three-pointers in the youth league. >> ohh. >> so that sent the game to overtime but they did win. >> these for a third grader to throw it the length of the basket. nice job. >> thanks for watching. "eye on the bay" is on next. see you at 6:00 p.m. captions by: caption colorado, llc 800-775-7838 email:
6:58 pm
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